Industry Partner Program

We at Moduluc believe in innovation and collaboration. That’s why we are looking to partner with innovative companies and individuals to create the best design platform around. In order to build the ideal platform for the design community, we are calling on partners from across product manufacturing, the design industry and academia to contribute to our community from their own expertise. With your help, we will bring designers together towards one common goal of creating the next generation of immersive designs.

Product Manufacturers

We realized through our experience that innovative design projects demand the most remarkable products. The quality and luxury that our designers seek is difficult to consistently find elsewhere. Our platform is committed to providing it to them. Companies should not compromise their standards when choosing who they partner with. We share this belief and are committed to the highest attention to detail, quality and functionality. We will represent your products exactly how you intend them to be. Our partnership will allow our customers to engage us directly on which brands and products they prefer, and what they would like to see from us in the future. This customer engagement is beneficial to our partners and our community. 



We want to connect with those institutions who have made it their purpose to cultivate the next generation of designers. Learning and innovation always starts in the schools where designers learn their fundamentals and hone their craft. We know that Design Schools and Universities are committed to empowering their students, so we share a common goal. Our dedication to being a resource for young designers can be a service to the mentors and institutions as well. We want to feature the programs and professors who are changing the design profession. As the design industry begins to incorporate more uses of digital realities, we also want to work with academic centers to facilitate how they are able to teach students about these technologies.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email and use “partnership” in the subject line and we will get back to you shortly.